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Alison Aiello

Owner and Designer

Alison is the owner and designer for ABA and focuses on every aspect of the design process from concept to finished product. Alison began her career in Fashion and Textiles and made a natural move into wallcoverings through a love for colour and pattern. Alison continues to enjoy all aspects involved in the creation of natural wallcoverings.

Tony Aiello

Creation and Development

From a career in design and management, Tony has a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential wallcoverings for the home and international markets. Tony uses his expertise in the creation and development of our fine and unique handmade wallcoverings and wall surfaces.

Ellie Aiello

Sales and Marketing

Ellie leads the sales and marketing aspect of ABA which includes, interior design firm/designer relationships and assistance, social media presence, website development, and press inquiries. With a background in commercial and residential interior design, Ellie understands each phase of the design process and how best to assist her customers select the perfect wallcovering for their project.

Sophie McCall

Director of Operations

Sophie is ABA’s Director of Operations. Her professional background is in Business Management and Customer Service so she made a smooth transition into this position. Sophie is the lead Customer Service contact, and she oversees manufacturing, purchasing and logistics. Growing up around design has given her a good understanding of the industry and her organized nature makes sure ABA is always running smoothly.